Past UNC Physics Qualifier Solutions

Below are my solutions to a range of past UNC-Chapel Hill physics qualifying exam problems. This is intended as a resource for other UNC-Chapel Hill physics graduate students. Be warned that not all solutions are correct! If you find something wrong, let me know and I'll make a note of it. Also, I have no solutions to the astro problems, but all other missing solutions are noted.

2015 exam

2015 qualifying exam
2015 solutions

  • SM-2: off by 3/5
  • QMI-4: (c) is formally wrong: I should have transformed to the j,m (total angular momentum) basis. Result is the same by coincidence.

2014 exam

2014 qualifying exam
2014 solutions

  • EMI-5: not sure if I have (c) right

2013 exam

2013 qualifying exam
2013 solutions

  • CM-4: not sure about (d)
  • EMI-4: missing
  • QMII-3: numerical error (should be about -2.14 MeV) but otherwise correct.

2012 exam

2012 qualifying exam
2012 solutions

  • CM-4: not sure about interpretation in (b)
  • SM-5: not sure if my approach is remotely correct
  • QMI-1: sign error in two of the eigenvalues

2011 exam

2011 qualifying exam
2011 solutions

  • SM-3: my result differs by a factor of 2 in one term
  • QMI-2: not sure if correct

2010 exam

2010 qualifying exam
2010 solutions

  • QMI-5: not sure if vibrational levels are supposed to come in
  • QMII-5: missing
  • EMII missing (all)